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The Retail Segment of India is opening up in a big way all major segments in the retail are gearing for the major boom, as all are eager to make hay while the sun shines. It is very clear that it is now he time to invest and change your approach towards the future to ensure survival and reap good profits.

Pharma is a blue-eyed baby of the retail segment being a need-based industry it is already protected from market variations. The pharma industry is growing at breakneck speed and the major emphasis is on pharma retailing, a lot of large corporate and multinational houses are showing keen

interest in the segment. Florence already being operational for 3 years has a head start and brand advantage over others.

Florence is a rapidly growing chain of retail stores spreading its wings in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. All stores are high profit centers and are enjoying extremely good patronage from the educated & affluent class in our society. Our stores are having very high brand recall values in respect to pharma retailing .To cater to the growing demands and needs of society we plan to appoint franchise at various strategic locations.

Florence projects that by year 2010 the demand of medicines and ideal pharmacies will grow multifold as the literacy ratio and income grows. The preference of consumers is already inclined towards buying from the organized sectors retail is poised as the next big thing after the IT industry.

Our business module offers complete business solutions in retail pharma segment, aesthetic structures, pleasant ambiance and full customer satisfaction in service and quality of medicines which provoke clients to buy medicines for themselves and their beloved ones from our outlets We have proven examples of people benefiting tremendously from using medicines from Florence.

The benefits of joining hands with Florence are plenty mainly

1. Low investment cost
2. High ROI
3. High profitability
4. Risk exposure very limited
5. Enjoy the benefits of Retailing
6. Good brand recall value
7. High ranking in the society
8. Benefits of joining a chain status

Imagine!! Being able to reap the rewards of retail with no fear of losing money and also not having to be bogged down with the burden of having to be available all the time.

The answer is with us!!! Become a franchise of Florence and enjoy all the benefits of retail without any botheration. Be envied in the society and not having to bear risks.


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