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The company is looking for dynamic partners in progress who recognize the call of future and are willing the reap the rewards of futuristic business investments. The company is only interested in serious committed individuals .who can devote time and funds.To start a venture you require the following

1. A shop with 350-400 sq ft owned/rented in an ideal location.
2. Working capital of Rs. 6-8 Lacs for starting the shop
3. A committed working hand preferably house hold member
4. Compliance of our agreement

Our franchise offers one of the best ROI in the industry and trade with a staggering return of 11% p.m and a average earning of Rs.50,000 to Rs.70,000 p.m and a break even on as low as Rs.6000 p.d Our outlets are already touching sales of Rs.50,000 p.d

Our detailed I T package enables you to deal in this trade even without the knowledge of pharmacy retailing. Our efficient & systematic intensive training will ensure that you and your staff are fully equipped to handle all sort of customer’s, guarantying full satisfaction to them

Low entry cost and low break even are very attractive reasons along with all the benefits of joining a chain status so what are you waiting for call me at 919359911892

Ajay Sharma
Franchise Manager

Visit us at http://www.florencemedicines.com


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