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Q- What advantages do i get for buying my medicines from a Florence shop
A -
By buying your medicines from any Florence outlet you not only get assured quality of any drug but are also sure that the medicine has full efficacy because all the medicines are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to make sure that the medicine has its full potency and life time.

Q - Can I be sure that all my medicines are available at Florence
A -
At all Florence outlets, almost entire range of medicines manufactured by the reputed manufacturers in the country are generally available. ,however, just in case of any non availability our staff will make sure of the best arrangements to suit the conditions

Q - Would my medicines be costlier at Florence ?
A -
No. in fact certain medicines are cheaper at our shops

Q - I have lost my prescription . what should I do ?
A -
All Florence outlets maintain a history of patients name
pl ensure that your name is correct on the bill you get at any time you can recall the medicines dispensed by Florence on any previous date

Q - Why should I waste my time on getting a bill ? do I gain anything
A -
Providing a bill is mandatory in law, and Florence encourages abiding with law. apart from this, bill ensures the genuineness of the medicines you buy, and Florence believes in spreading this awareness for the benefit of the customers.


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